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PAC calls for Urgent Education Reform

Guateng, 4th January 2019
The PAC calls for a complete overhaul of the current system and the establishment of an Africanist socialist and democratic education and training system which fosters values of unity, sharing, loving and builds the African personality.
PAC Secretary General, Apa Pooe commenting at a media briefing said, " The killer problem is the obsession with grade 12 results, which hides serious questions about our education system. The current spectacle where learners are promoted to higher grades without justification, hides the real substantive problems in the education system"
The PAC believes that all statitistcs should include all learners that started grade one twelve years ago. The majority of learners - 700,000 - are out of the sytem by grade 10. This means that we make the foundation phase less important and this is a precursor to grade 12 failure. The current reporting neglects incentivizing teachers in resourceless and poverty stricken areas. With no access to Sub-frameworks in the NQF those not admitted to universities have no place to go.
The majority of our learners suffer because the Government has failed to build colleges that cater to the majority. Far too few colleges offer qualifications above NQF level 4.
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