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Since 1996 Leadership quarrels have dogged the PAC. A fair assessment of the situation can be found at WikiPedia

The constitution, created as a founding document for a liberation movement, has not moved easily into the 21st century.

Since 2013 Mphalele, Mpethi and Mbinda have claimed Presidency.

Current Situation

There are two main factions (Mphahlele and Mbinda), with calls for fresh election and new nominees (Makoti), with more likely to follow. Resolving this impasse is difficult as any attempts to do so are thwarted by the opposing factions. Each faction simply "denies" the support of the other.

Press for Peace

Rank and file members of the PAC should press their favorite representatives to strive for peace and unity and lobby for an online decisions and voting system. By getting such a solution we can gain the moral high ground in Africa.  Makoti has already joined. I will do my bit to get Mphahlele and Apa Poe to join PAC Online. Please could interested members lobby for the support of Mbinda, Xaba, Dlamini, Bennet and Moloto.

The PAC is bigger than individuals.


Elections are inevitable. Branches should continue to develop and keep campaigning. Factions cannot avoid the decision of a self financed majority. This is a numbers game. In the last National Election The PAC received 37,000 votes. By inference we can estimate the active members in both factions to be around 3,000.The election machine of the PAC is woeful. I get labelled  as a white supremacist when I describe it as "natives drumming in the bush".

PAC ONLINE can solve the Leadership impasse. By example we can get around the current electoral process which is hampered by geographic distance. With a superior logistics and a superior funding model it should not be long before our branches are the dominant branches in voting numbers and in finances. We will set up an online polling and voting system that will be the envy of other parties and will enable us to get quick unanimous decisions.

Once we have the numbers the leaders will work for us rather than the other way around.

Advantages to be gained with PAC Online

By focusing on Online we attract a new category of Voter.

The PAC can gain substantially by making it the easiest party to join and lead. Whereas other parties exclude new comers though a heap of red tape. We should make it easier.

Currently many Africans are deprived of voting. A good example is Zimbabweans  living in South Africa (Around R 3 Million), they can neither vote in SA or practically vote in Zimbabwe. They are able to attain membership and leadership roles in PAC Africa and can begin immediately to help develop a Pan African Liberation.


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  • A PAC comrade asked me what we are going to do about the factional impasse in the PAC? Its a cutting question, because it goes to the heart of our culture.

    First lets understand what causes factionalism.

    There are 30,000 votes for the PAC about 1,000 active members and about 100 “position seekers”. We have 1 parliamentary seat and a scattering of other positions. The revenue coming into the PAC is the salary of our Parliamentarian, the Parliamentary allowance and the occasional donation or bone tossed from the table of the ANC. Our internal funding mechanism is all but extinct.

    In summary we face stomach politics. The factionalism is driven by the 100 “position seekers”. This happens simply because for each of these seeking members and the wider membership as a whole, some form of representative Government paying anywhere from R30,000 to R 120,000 per month is a far better financial proposition than they face in the private sector.

    The position of the 100 seekers is hopeless. The unfortunate reality is that these 100 represent the strongest and longest serving of our members. There are just too many wanting to gain positions and far to few votes. We would need 6 Million voted to accommodate their eco-political aspirations. They have no choice but to turn on each other. It is all compounded by a slew of delusional rhetoric and over estimation of self importance. Any objective Under the current dispensation there is no motivation for these 100 to cooperate, they gain more from confrontation. We have to defuse this conflict and replace it with a unified strategy.

    We cloak these aspirations of the 100 in a cloud of history, ideology, singing and dancing but the stomach boils just below the surface. We cannot even trust each other, for the rhetoric cannot even fully obscure the desire for position. Because we are not really aiming at 100 seats, we have become lost in history, unable to carve out viable voting niche fopr ourselves. We are chasing a non existent “revolutionary African Masses”. They don;t exists the poorest of our citizens are happily supporting Zuma and theANC and have no intention of changing no matter what we promise them. A promise we do. Our factions trip over each other trying to promise to people who simple are not listening.

    If we are going to have any chance in 2019 we need to form a unified front as soon as possible and carve out a new niche, One centred on the middle of South African Politics. How do we get there? How do we get the faction to stop fighting? We have to get them to accept a strategy which is the one htat is not best fro them, but is best for all of us. In Game Theory this is called a NASH Equilibrium, where each protagonist must take sub optimal strategy for us all to get the best out come. You can do the analysis, but the NASH will come out to a solution something like this:

    We create and agree on the 2019 list now – The first 10 places are given to young members below the age of 40. Half women half men. The next 10 places we wait to fill, but the proviso is that no one that has served in any representative position for the PAC before may fill these spots. Anyone that has served any position may only start at position 20. This means that the entire warring factions must stop and work for the new 20 members before they even have a chance

    Mbinda keeps his job and is put at Position 33 in the new list. Mpaphlele keeps his unpaid position and is put on the list at 32. Maloto keeps managing the parliamentary money (He must account) he is put on the list at number 31. No member of any of the rival NECs may have a position on the list lower than 33. This way we will see who wants to be on the NEC and who wants to be on the parliamentary list.

    The ANC is for the first time vacating the middle – what a massive opportunity. Let us not blow it because we want to pay for some family's groceries.

  • A workshop for the youth is to be held in Johannesburg, Bryanston on Saturday 01 July 2017 from 09h30 to 11h30, conducted by a private institution, those who are around the area and want to attend, please inbox me. Seating limited, No chancers!!!  


  • Getting away from factions is critical. It hampers us tremendously.

    My problem with Butterworth is that we are now so far away from Butterworth (IN TIME)  that a new congress and new election is the only way to gain credibility.

    Looking forward:

    The manual branch system, the huge cost of calling a congress (huge in terms of our available resources), the fact that the factions head toward or don't head towards congress, already factionally aligned, is problematic. Our policies are now incoherent and out of time with the current events. We have random people that I have never met at PAC meetings jumping up in media pro-porting to represent us. We really need to get this into order urgently.

    We can blast through all of this!

    We gained only 30,000 votes in the last election (I call it people who missed the tick box). If we can focus our resources on a Online effort it should be possible in a few months to build an online community BIGGER than the whole PAC!

    I use and work in some of these communities that are 200,000 strong!  Getting this right means that a new bigger PAC can easily be built. We should build a flatter structure. There is too much emphasis on leadership and positions and not enough focus on the status and commitment required from an ordinary member. It should be status enough simply to be a member and there should be minimal personal benefit in leadership. I belong to a home owners association, where cost of entry is over R 15 Million, our joint assets are over R 3 Million. We have no leadership battles and our leaders are unpaid and experience no material benefit over ordinary members. If you entered a room or meeting with us you would be hard pressed to even know who the President is.Can't we be more like that?

    Can we at least try to build some kind of coherence here at this site?

  • From the onset let me state that there should be difference between what members know to be the PAC rightful leadership in terms of its constitution as a principle and dissect that from the public perception. Much as public perception may far outweigh the known truth by PAC members because of electoral politics, we must not assist to fuel that perception as members.


    Here I am referring to the so called factions as mentioned above, we need to tell the truth and that is PAC leadership is elected at the congress. There is no dispute that the last congress held in Butterworth elected leadership. The PAC Constitution is very clear that the next congress should be convened by this leadership as a whole and account to membership. There cannot be any group without the NEC in its entirety that can elect itself with the assistance of other members to leadership.


    Therefore there cannot be anybody who claims to be leadership without satisfying the PAC constitutional provisions. Otherwise we will continue to have groups calling meetings without others and after such, claim to be the right leadership endlessly. The same group will then break into small groups and do the same. I have learned these through various engagements including judicial processes.

    Our founding leaders must have realized these when they decided to include that “the annual conference shall be at such time and place as may be decided upon by the previous annual conference, and in the absence of such a decision, by the NEC”. “At least eight weeks before the date of the holding of an Annual Conference, the NEC shall give a notice of a date and place of such conference and shall circulate the agenda to all component structures and organs of the PAC”, note not by an individual or few but by NEC.


    Therefore if the PAC Constitution is correctly interpreted there cannot be claim by either Mphethi or Mbinda to the PAC Presidency. However I am not naïve not to accept the reality out there and that is there has been these contestations including court processes (which thus far has not assisted). PAC members and leaders should take their own fate and resolve these matters once and for all.

    Let’s not perpetuate the this thing of factions, however tempting because they came as a result of a vacuum, others just became opportunistic and seized the moment (I am not ant anyway blaming anyone).

    Otherwise we risk having the situation in perpetuity as all will be assigned to factions.

  • Can i frankly ask this question though: What kind of work is this current leadership does?
    In western Cape I have tried to get to any existing part of leadership trying to rebuild a branch and no one availed himself That was last year December.
    My question will be, How am I going to launch our brach?Now I was told the provincial organiser went to Namibia even today.
    That leadership is actually playing PAC but in reality they not working in the interests of this organisation.
    • There are certain rules you have to follow if you want to be successful as a political party. After 20 years I am convinced that the one we are currently following will not lead us to success. Decision making is too slow, there is no command structure and no reporting structure. Our approach is to blurt out an ideology that clearly we not even considered that it is not what the voters are asking for. This does not mean that the cause of the PAC and the history of the PAC do not have value - they do. This will become apparent as we expand.

      You will find that with politicians that even if they do not start out with selfish intent they are soon converted. It is not long before they come to depend on the funds that they receive from the system. Most that enter do so for their own gain (they will deny this vehemently) - it makes it much easier to work with them once you know this.

      The good news is that the PAC remains, fundamentally a democratic organisation. If you collect enough numbers in support you will be able to make an impact.

      My purpose in building this platform is to create a logistic framework that will give us the ability to scale. I work on Ning systems that have 100,000 members. I have built companies using this methodology that exceed R 100 M turnover. I also work with twitter and facebook accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, that have built businesses much larger than the PAC (I own a business myself with a user base much larger than the PAC) - so technically it is possible.

      Do not expect people to change. That will lead to disappointment. I can offer you two choices to move forward: Start building your branch here - I will create you a group. Our rules mean that you must offer membership for R 10. We charge branches $10 to use the facilities. At first Ning may not seem be obviously powerful, I can assure you that all those fiddling around in facebook are wasting their time. Facebook is too noisy to makeand impact and mostly posters are talking to themselves and a very small group of followers. the tone of the conversation, because it is public and anonymous usually degenerates. The messaging power of a closed walled garden is a marvel to see once it gains momentum. (I am not sure we will get it from our membership base)

      Alternately you can join me at the Subukwe Online branch. I also charge R 10 for membership and a further $10 (R130) for site membership. (I am trying to build a model along the line of Bernie Sanders.) AS sooin as we have 20 Memebrs of Subukwe Online we can hold online elections and elect a branch leader etc. I prefer not to stnadfro political positionsbecause I beleive these should go to younger people.

      The cost of holding this site open is R 4000 per year. Everythign else we cna use for recruitment.

      In theory if we are right and focus on  organisation with technology, we should soon swamp those runnign manula systems with no funds colelctions methodology.

  • Please remove the declaration of faction
    • Done it - not sure why that is important.

      The important thing about PAC leadership is that it MUST be resolved. right now we are letting massive opportunities pass us by,mostly becasue we have no way of getting concesus on message.

      Take a look at the big elections of this year, US, France UK. It ALWAYS comes down to two choices. It is NEVER three choices. In marketing, we call this the Law of Duality.

      Third place is nowhere.

      Coke - Pepsi - who is third?

      Google, Facebook - who is third?

      KFC, Nandos who is third?

      Ferrari Mclaren - who is third?

      Chiefs Bucs - who is third? 

      If PAC cannot establish itself as either 1 or 2, we may as well join up with people who will be 1 or 2.

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