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Is it possible to crowd source the General Election for the PAC?

Traditional elections in Africa are financed with a web of patronage. Parties secure large donors and partnerships to fund those election campaigns.This leads to an inevitable compromise of idealistic principles.

I am proposing that it should be possible to crowd source the South African General Election, with a maximum donation of $10.

Here are the numbers:

To win the 2019 General Election we will require 12 Million Votes. We will get this by accumulating 1.2 Million members. The Subukwe Branch targets to acquire 40,000 Members with an annual subscription of 40,000 X $ 10 = $ 400,000 or R 5,2 Million.

Subukwe branch chooses a  target market for voters in Facebook. 

In the last National Election The PAC acquired 37,747 votes. If we can acquire 40,000 members we will have the voting power and funds to:

Determine ideological strategy of the PAC (subject to the Constitution)

Determine the leadership of the PAC

Support a R 5,2 Million election digital campaign

* Membership of the Subukwe Branch can come from all of Africa. Non South African Subukwe members may not vote in the 2019 General Election, but may vote in determination of Branch ideology and Leadership.

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