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Self Raising Funding

Start with the idea of self raising funding.

We would need to raise the membership fee to say $25 (that is what Sanders did ) We do $ 8 or - R 100. You have to deal with a slew of abuse saying that we are excluding the poor. Say we are able to gathe

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Fixing 11D Allowances

In summary : Real Research gets done in dormitories and garages. Research is the very hard edge of entreprenuerism. Out-of-the-money research is one of the most valuable economic activities a developing economy can wish to encourage. These are the

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Crowding out

We are in serious danger of getting sidelined right out of the 2019 election even before it has begun.

If you have followed my references to Jack Trout and Al Ries - The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing you will have followed the  Law of Duality and th

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To Do May 2017


We need inductors, PAC Mentors that helps new members to accustom them themselves with our ideology and mission. Teach the new participants how to leverage their energy


Currently Online activity, mostly on Facebook is "scattered".

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